All about Lithium ion Batteries


Lithium ion batteries (LIB) have been changing lives, it not only became the ultimate choice as an portable power source but also in standalone systems like UPS and energy grid for power backup. Thanks to the decrease in prices along with advances in research, that made LIB affordable for everyone and for everything.

Since now you have been with us in the journey to explore the batteries, lets us go into a quick dive into what this blog can offer and how you would spend a lot of time reading here. The introduction or "01xx" will offer all the common things which a lay man would talk over batteries, the wow factors and the future looks. And then from "02xx" its takes a deep dive into materials to BMS to EV, ESS applications. We would like to cover most of everything which can be related to lithium ion batteries and also few competitors. We hope that this place will serve your purpose the very motive why you have arrived at this blog.

Let us first start with a few important points on what we expect (or over-expect) from the battery i.e., 

  1. long lasting power in a small pack (high energy density), 
  2. fast charge capability (hopefully in minutes),
  3. safer, 
  4. scalable from pocket devices to energy storage grid. 

You will learn at the end certainly that there is nothing called the best and always there are tradeoffs in the outcome.

Surely, we will able to unwind all the factors which can boost the performance as well as define the limitation of cell design on which it is built and therefore we can understand what it is truly capable of.

It may not be clear always, we use the word battery often yet it could be confusing when used both for an individual and multiple cells. In general a single cell is referred as a cell while having a multiple connected cells are referred as battery. 


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