Theoretical Capacity Calculator

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Theoretical Capacity calculator
No. of charge carriers,n:  
Molecular Weight,Mw: g
Faraday Constant,F: Cmol-1
Theoretical capacity,Qth: mAhg-1
For calculating theoretical capacity calculator from the molecular formula of the compound if the molecular weight of the compound is not known - Theoretical Capacity Calculator ext


  1. Classification of elements in groups provides us a fixed pattern in which the elements change their properties periodically. The periodic table made the study of the physical and chemical properties of elements simple and organized. This science topic is necessary to learn for all school students to score well in their exams. Classification of elements is necessary to make their study easy. By the process of classification of elements, we group together the elements with the same characteristics. As it is impossible to study each element separately and deal with their different properties so they are grouped together in the periodic table.

  2. How to calculate theoritical capacity of composite materials for example NiO-V2O5 for apllication Li ion natteries

  3. how to calculate theoreical specific capacity of MnMoO4 for supercapacitors


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