Calculator - savings from EV

Savings from EV
Strictly use the same units for Currency/Gasoline/Distance
#Step 1: Cost of electricity unit and gasoline(petrol, diesel) unit
Cost of Electricity per kWh,$€£¥₹:
Cost of gasoline per lt/gal:
#Step 2: Your vehicle usage per year
Daily usage of Vehicle,km/mi:
Weekly Usage,days:
Distance run by vehicle per year,km/mi:
#Step 3: Lifetime of Vehicle you will be using
Years of usage:
Total distance run by vehicle,km/mi:
#Step 4: For calculating efficiency of Vehicle
1. Electric Vehicle
Distance covered per charge,km/mi:
Battery Capacity,kWh:
2. Gasoline Vehicle
Distance covered per unit,km/mi:
Gasoline unit,lt/gal:
#Step 5: Running Cost of Vehicle (How much you pay)
For Electric Vehicle:
For Gasoline Vehicle:
#Step 6: Maintenance Cost for all the years
For electric vehicle,$€£¥₹:
For gasoline vehicle,$€£¥₹:
#Step 7: Savings on EV for all the years?
Without Maintenance Cost,$€£¥₹:
With Maintenance Cost,$€£¥₹:
#Step 8: How much you spend atlast?
Cost of electric vehicle,$€£¥₹:
Subsidy on electric vehicle,$€£¥₹:
Cost of gasoline vehicle,$€£¥₹:
Spending on Electric vehicle,$€£¥₹:
Spending on Normal vehicle,$€£¥₹:
So finally lets find that you save or lose,$€£¥₹:
+ve indicates you gain and -ve indicate loss
#Step 9: Saving for Earth/CO2 gas emission/Carbon Foot Print
CO2 release per unit of gasoline,kg:
Total CO2 saved,kWh: