Charging/discharging currents calculator

Charging and discharging current Calculator
Step 1: Calculation of active material on the electrode
For a battery default values are 100 - 1 - 0
Active Material percentage:
Weight of electrode-W,g:
Weight of foil-Wf,g:
Step 2: Give the value for capacity (Use calculator)
For a battery give specified capacity
Step 3: Charging and discharging current will be
C/20, mA:
C/10, mA:
C/5, mA:
C/2, mA:
1C, mA:
2C, mA:
5C, mA:
10C, mA:
20C, mA:


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  2. I calculated the Charging and discharging current as 0.024 for 1C, my question is 0.024 mA or 24 mA is the current?


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